CWS Forecast: State College

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2016 at 4:10 pm

Forecast Discussion

Winter will be arriving in full force for the weekend, and not just in the form of some snow showers. On the weather map this afternoon, there is a cold front trying to push its way through the southern Great Lakes region, and though it will move slowly towards the region, it will pass through Saturday evening. This will allow for temperatures across a good portion of the region to fall well below average. Windy conditions can also be expected over the weekend, especially on Saturday and Saturday night in areas where Wind Chill Advisories are in effect. Temperatures will warm up slightly to around normal as we head into the beginning of next week, but this will be accompanied by our next system. Without any further ado, here now is a look at your forecasts.

Day 1: Friday, Feb 12th 2016
21 °F
8 °F
Becoming mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers developing during the late afternoon and evening, then likely overnight. Light accumulations possible.
Day 2: Saturday, Feb 13th 2016
10 °F
-2 °F
A Snow shower possible in the morning, and then widely scattered snow showers possible by the late afternoon. Widely scattered snow showers overnight.
Day 3: Sunday, Feb 14th 2016
16 °F
7 °F
Off and on clouds throughout the day and evening, and then a few snow showers possible by the evening and overnight.
Day 4: Monday, Feb 15th 2016
28 °F
24 °F
Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers possible throughout the day and evening, and then widespread snow overnight.
Day 5: Tuesday, Feb 16th 2016
36 °F
25 °F
Cloudy with scattered snow showers in the morning, then rain/snow showers during the afternoon and evening. Widely scattered snow showers possible overnight.
Your CWS Forecasters:

Timmy Albertson, Derek Shuman, Carla Newman, and Michael Johnston.